Illegal Stamps

We would be grateful for any of Your information regarding illegal postage stamps. Confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed.

Please fill the form indicating where You have noticed illegal stamps and send us a message. Your information helps us fight with the illegal stamp production and ensure that no harm would be committed to the philatelic trade.

The philatelic agency Stamperija Ltd., the official representative of Burundi post office.

Official postage stamps can be produced by a post administration of a corresponding country or by an authorized philatelic agent. Only legal postage stamps can be used as a measure of payment for postal services.

Themes, designs, denomination, release date, edition and other important questions about stamp production are coordinated between a post administration and a philatelic agent. Philatelic agent must produce only high quality postage stamps to its customers.

If the producer of postage stamps does not have a signed contract with the post administration of the corresponding country or violate it, its produced items are not legal and have no value. Illegal postage stamps are very harmful to stamp collectors and retailers so it is important to find and eliminate illegal stamps from the market.

Official stamps issues are presented by post administrations, in the official websites and stamp catalogues of the official philatelic agents such as Scott (USA), Yvert and Tellier (France), Michel (Germany) and also in various philatelic periodicals.

Fake stamps ≠ illegal stamps.

Illegal stamps are also called “bogus stamps” and “unofficial stamps”. It is also popular to name them “cinderella stamps” or “phantasy stamps” but these phrases are less correct. Phrases “illegal stamps” and “fake stamps” are two different phrases and should not be confused for synonyms.

Counterfeit or fake postage stamps are illegal duplicates of legal stamps. Many countries consider the production of such stamps as a criminal offence. A person who has intentions to create fake stamps usually would try to get the originals or the files from which they were created and produce identical copies.

Illegal stamps are private newly created labels that imitate the features of legal stamps (paper, forms, etc.) and are produced without a contract with a post administration whose name is used on the stamps.

Producing illegal postage stamps is against the law and transgresses the rights of a concerned post administration. It is also harmful to retailers and stamp collectors (unless the collector is aware that the stamps are illegal).

So far there is no information about illegal Burundi postage stamps on the market.